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Welcome! I'm Webberz, and this is me and my friend's site! Here we will post the latest and newest of the newest news! We are the first to post the biggest news as soon as we know!  This site also provides help to newcomers, and fun stuff for them AND for people who also know about Miuchiz! So go on and explore! Have fun!

Hey its me, Webberz, the creator of this site. Check out mah girl's personal pages, or check out photos, recent events on miuchiz, and other cool stuff!! Just in case your wondering, my girls are : (not in order)Lovingkillerwolf, Barfiedog, and AnnaLuvsYuh!  :D check out their youtube pages rite here :




WEBBERZ, I LOVE YOU! (in a friend way) XD

http://youtube.com/wrigleyc (~<3 LovingKillerWolf)

http://youtube.com/barfie2  (~BARFIEDOGS~)

http://youtube.com/GrapeSkittlezx (~MINE~)

http://youtube.com/xVanillaTwilightxx (Anna's) (RETURNED)

http://youtube.com/miuchizfun (Miuchiz fun's official youtube account!) 

Heres some stuff about me :: <3

 ♥ music xcandy x fwendz x hugz x love x frozen yougurt x facebook ! (: ♥

* ♥ These r a few little thingz that make me who I am today , ( ; ♥
x && ♥
Moommaaa named her Web (Not really x) , whos ah veggie and has a dream of somehow change de h wor ld x ♥ ♥ I ♥ life, I ♥ itt more and more everyday heh , . ; ) ♥

♥ Frenchfriezz + Grape soda lss ammoo , ahha ;) ♥ BBE ! ! [ ; ♥

♥ ; 3 = 3 MUSSTACCHHEE ; ) ♥ [:

 I'm not lyk a youtube prepp who comments their 'bffls' just to look cool.[: I'm me. I'm that girl in the hoodie over there who inside is wilder than a pack of wolves.<3



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Miuchiz Awards 2010 COMMERCIAL

This is Choco, He makes sure you follow the chat rules. [He's got his own badge to proove he works for this site], if you don't follow the rules he'll eat you before you eat him. RAWR!

CHAT!!! Rules :

1. Please click on your name in the list to the right and change it to your Miuchiz Username.

2. DO NOT insult Webberz, or else you shall be kicked out, and banned forever.

3. Have fun !